Mr. Bojangles is a doglosopher, a lover of life, and a speaker of wisdom. He posts a daily inspirational meme on social media, as he hopes to make the world a better place. He tries to practice kindness whenever and wherever possible. All part of his mission to paw it forward.

Mr. Bojangles' Story

Mr. Bojangles saw the need to make the world better after he was rescued from a terrible place called a "shelter." He didn't understand how such a place could be called a shelter when it didn't provide a safe or comforting harbor. He said it was especially terrifying to little dogs. His ultimate dream is to open a chihuahua rescue ranch, because he knows that chihuahuas are the second most euthanized breed in shelters around the country.

Meet the Pack

Mr. Bojangles' pack includes his big sister Stella, his little bro Paco, and his kitty sister, Diana. As well, of course, as his mommy and daddy.



Big Sister

Stella, a beagle/basset mix (aka bagel), was adopted in 2008 from a rescue in southern Indiana. She loves sleeping, eating, and sniffing. She is a daddy's girl.



Little Brother

Paco, a chihuahua, joined the pack in Februaury 2016. Paco was rescued from a hoarding situation in West Virginia. He loves food, giving kisses, snuggling, and burrowing under blankets.



Kitty Sister

Diana officially joined the pack in July 2016. Prior to that she was a foster, along with her five kittens, who were all adopted out to their own families. She and her kittens were rescued from a shelter in Tennessee.

Paw it forward...

Mr. Bojangles likes to raise money for his favorite pet charities, so please shop our online store for Official Mr. Bojangles merchandise, as a portion of each sale is donated to a pet related organization.